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Smt Harjot Kaur Bamhrah, IAS.
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महिला हेल्पलाईन :
निबंधित वाद : 69101, निष्पादित वाद : 58596
अल्पावास गृह :
निबंधित संवासिन : 16748, पुर्नवासित संवासिन : 16639
Responding to issues of violence against women is difficult because of the mindsets, biases and non-co-operative societal attitudes towards this issue. The cases of atrocities on women are seldom reported because people fear that it would only bring dishonor to the family. In situations where the matter gets reported, the possibility of getting justice remains dismal. This is because, like other forms of oppression VAW is also a systemic violation of women’s rights and dignity. With patriarchal values pervading all the spheres, walks and systems of the society, women end up being sidelined and marginalized. Considering the exigency to respond to such issues, the MNSY has provision of Women Helpline for each District in Bihar. It is a unit within the system of the government, which is committed to respond to the critical needs of the victims of violence. HELPLINE under takes this challenge by making believes that:
Woman is as much an individual as man is.
There is no justification of violating her dignity and rights, through whatever means and under whatever circumstances.
Human rights for all.
Society has responsibility to protect its members.
There are people in society who want to make a difference in whatever way possible big or small.
The First Women HELPLINE was established in Patna in September 1999 as a crisis intervention center for women in distress. At present, Women Helplines are functional in all 38 Districts of state.
The problems and needs of women are numerous; however Women HELPLINE restricts itself to the issues of violence against women as its area of intervention. While Women HELPLINE is focusing on the issues of VAW, the long-term objective of Women HELPLINE is to establish a supportive network which can respond to every need of women by using the potential available within the system itself.
Women HELPLINE is committed to respond to the needs of the victimized women in every manner possible. The Women HELPLINE scheme is to respond to both practical and strategic needs of the issue at hand. It is to be understood that our ultimate goal is to realize a gender-just and violence free society. The goals and objectives of the Women HELPLINE can be summarized as ....
Crisis intervention in case of atrocities on women. assist women in seeking justice and help from the society.
Activate the system to respond to the issues of violence against women.
Working towards deinstitutionalization of violence.
Strengthening a network of support systems for women in need of help.
Sensitizing and influencing the policy makers on gender aspects of policies, laws and other related documents concerning women.
To broaden the base of Women HELPLINE and facilitating its replication throughout the state.
Keeping these objectives in mind the Women HELPLINE is working on two levels i.e. provision of direct basic services to women in need and working towards the ideological shift in the favour of a gender-just society.
Working Area :
Every district of Bihar is to have one Helpline. Presently these are functional in 38 districts of Bihar.
Contact Details :
Name of District
Help Line Address
Project Manager Cum Protection officer
Contact No.
Email Id
1ArwalWomen HelplineCollectorate, Arwal.Smt. Simpu Kumari9771468002mahilahelplinearwal@gmail.com
2AurangabadWomen Helpline, Collectorate, AurangabadSmt. Kanti Kumari9771468003kantimhl@gmail.com
3BankaWomen Helpline CDPO office, Banka Sadar, BankaAnjani Kumari(Incharge)9771468004bhartianjana102@gmail.com
4BhagalpurHelpline-Cum-Mahila Koshang Bhagalpur, S.S.P office, Kachhari Road, BhagalpurMs. Nisha Sharma9771468006swetnisha22@gmail.com
5BhojpurWomen Helpline,Madhubagh, Nawada (Lalatoli), Arah(Bhojpur)Ms. Anupama Srivastva9771468007osccummhlbhojpur@gmail.com
6DarbhangaWomen HelplineCollectorate Campus,DarbhangaMs. Azzmatun Nisha9771468010azzmatunnisha@gmail.com
7East champaranWomen Helpline Collectorate Campus, MotihariDiksha Kumari (incharge)8757797128dixak1292@gmail.com
8GayaWomen Helpline,Collectorate GayaMrs. Aarti Kumari9771468011kumari.arti.gaya@gmail.com
9JamuiWomen HelplineCollectorate Campus, Jamui.Rita Kumari (Incharge)9771468013sweerty19sep1996@gmail.com
10JehanabadHelpline Koshang Collectorate, JehanabadMs. Jyotsana Kumari9771468014jehanabadhl@gmail.com
11katiharWomen Helpline Collectorate Campus, KatiharMs. Prabha Kumari9771468016prabhapandeyspl@gmail.com
12KhagariaWomen Helpline Collectorate Campus, KhagariaMs. Rubi Seema9102407316khagariamhl@gmail.com
13MungerWomen Helpline Collectorate, MungerMs. Shripra Kumari9771468020shipramishra607@gmail.com
14MuzaffarpurWomen Helpline Sahu Road, Muzaffarpur.Smt. Jyoti Kumari9771468021jyotikumari96351@gmail.com
15NalandaWomen Helpline,Collectorate NalandaIndu Prabha (incharge)8789252708induprabhamhl9@gmail.com
16NawadaMahila koshang cum counselling centre Nawada, Collectorate, 2nd floor, Main Road, Nawada-805110Mrs. Rajkumari Devi9771468023rk1713614@gmail.com
17PatnaOSC cum Women Helpline, Chajjubagh, Patna-800001Smt. Parmila Kumari8771468024osc.helplinepatna@gmail.com
18PurniaWomen Help Line, Kailashpuri, Shrinagar Hata, Purnia.Smt. Anita Kumari9771468025anitapurnea321@gmail.com
19RohtasWomen Helpline collectorate Campus, RohtasMs. Afreen Trannum9771468026afreenk47@rediffmail.com
20SamastipurWomen Helpline Collectorate Campus,Vikas Bhawan, SamastipurKumari Archana.9771468028jyotiarchanaa@gmail.com
21ShekhpuraWomen Helpline Colectrarate, SheikhpuraMs. Arpita Kr.9771468032amritadayal54@gmail.com
22SiwanWomen Helpline Red Cross, SiwanMs. Shweta kumari9771468031siwanmhl@gmail.com
23VaishaliWomen Helpline Colectrarate, Near S.D.O.Office, Hajipur, VaishalMs. Priyanka Kumari9771468035k9431238208@gmail.com
24West ChamparanWomen Helpline, Collectorate, Bettiah.Mrs. Bindu Rajbhar9771468009mahil.help.line.bth@gmail.com
25SupaulWomen Helpline,Vikas Bhawan, SDO office, SupaulMs. Pratibha Kumari9771468034kumaripratibhajee@gmail.com
26BuxarWomen Helpline Collectorate Campus, BuxarMs. Bunty Devi9771468008sakhioscbxr@gmail.com
27KaimurBhabhuaWomen Helpline, 10,Chakabandi Road, Near Dr. Mangala singha residence, Bhabua, KaimurKumari Vineeta Gupta9771468015vinitagupta011980@gmail.com
28SitamarhiWomen Helpline C/o Late Takenath JhaAzad Chowk, Dumra, Sitamarhi-843301Ms. Pushpa Kumari9771468030Pushpakumari2401@gmail.com
29SheoharWomen Help Line Colectrarate, SheoharMs. Reena Singh9771468033sheohar.mhl@gmail.com
30SaranWomen Helpline,Collectorate, Saran.Smt. Madhubala9771468029madhubalamhl@gmail.com
31GopalganjWomen Helpline,Colectorate, GopalganjMs. Nazia Mumtaj9771468012naziahasannaz033@gmail.com
32MadhubaniWomen Helpline,Collectorate , MadhubaniVeena Choudhary9771468019Beenachaudhary1976@gmail.com
33BegusaraiWomen Helpline,Collectorate BegusaraiSmt. Veena Kumari9771468005whlbeg@gmail.com
34LakhisaraiWomen Helpline Collectorate Campus, LakhisaraiPoonam Kumari9102407317mahilahelplinelakhisarai@gmail.com
35SaharsaWomen Helpline Collectorate campus, SaharsaMs. Mukti Shrivastva9771468027mukti.siwan@gmail.com
36MadhepuraWomen Helpline,Collectorate MadhepuraMs. Shalini Kumari9771468018madhepuramhl@gmail.com
37ArariaWomen Helpline,Collectorate Araria.Executive Magistrate( Incharge)9631117049arariadpo@gmail.com
38KishanganjWomen Helpline, Line Gulbasti Kajlamani Road, Kabir Chowk, Subhash Palli , P.O+ Dist- Kishanganj -855107Ms. Shashi Sharma9771468017kishanganjmahilahelpline@gmail.com
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