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Smt Harjot Kaur Bamhrah, IAS.
Chairman-cum-Managing Director
WDC Bihar
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महिला हेल्पलाईन :
निबंधित वाद : 69101, निष्पादित वाद : 58596
अल्पावास गृह :
निबंधित संवासिन : 16748, पुर्नवासित संवासिन : 16639
Under the MNSY, the economic empowerment component envisages organization and nurturing of women self help groups (SHGs) which would provide confidence and mutual support for women striving for social change; the basic underlying premise for organizing SHGs are that it serves as a forum in which women can critically analyze their situation and devise strategies to overcome their difficulties. SHG platform also provide a frame work for awareness raising, dissemination of information, delivery of services and for developing community self- reliance and collective action, thus facilitating an environment promoting social change.
Block level SHGs’ Federation:
One of the major priorities of the MNSY implementation is the promotion and nurturing of Block level SHGs’ Federations. At the end of March 2014, 57 Federation are registered under the Bihar Self Supporting Cooperative Act 1996 and governed by an elected body of member SHGs. The SHG Federations have a very structured management system to coordinate the multi pronged activities such as Self Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs), Micro Finance Agency and catalyst of entitlements realization. The Board of Director members lead the management work by delegating executive power to chairperson for day-to-day activities and operating the financial actions with support of Chief Executive Officer and Accountant who are on the pay roll of federation (paid staffs). The SHG platforms are used for addressing and promoting social change among women on Malnutrition: The project aim of bringing significant improvement in health and nutrition status of people in which federation will provide logistic support in the implementation of the whole process of community empowerment by identifying facilitator to conduct community level activities, capacity building and handholding support, regular review and monitoring.